Are you caught in unproductive personal or professional conversations that make you feel bad?

Come and discover the nuts and bolts of SAVI® (System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction) that make the difference for effective communication

23, 24, 25 November 2017
Bucharest, Romania
Rowena Davis

About the SAVI® event

For whom is the event?

  • Entrepreneurs and leaders
  • Trainers, therapists, coaches
  • Anyone wanting to improve their communication skills
  • Curious people

Why participate?

  • Find out why some conversations work and others get stuck
  • Discover ways to reduce "noise" in conversation, so the information can be heard and problems can be solved more easily
  • Learn new communication behaviors that help to consolidate a team, a group, a relationship or a company
  • Develop your "SAVI® muscle", in an interactive workshop, in English language, with exercises, simulation and role plays

What is SAVI® ?

SAVI® (System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction) is a practical,theory-based tool, created by Yvonne Agazarian (the originator of Systems Centered® Theory) and Anita Simon. The instrument can be used to diagnose and create more productive and satisfying conversations, in personal and in professional contexts.

SAVI® helps us adapt our verbal behavior to more easily reach our objective or interest in a conversation. For example: increasing the productivity of a team; conflict resolution at work; changing the organizational culture of a company; effective team communication; and improving personal relationships.

About Rowena Davis

Rowena's areas of expertise are coaching individuals and teams; strategic marketing and planning; mapping systems; "action learning"; working with the planned and unplanned sides of organisational life and change. She focuses on improving communication and implementing practical solutions to deliver tangible results. She works transparently using Systems-Centered® methods and tools. Her goal is to free up energy so the system can work productively with all its resources.

Event schedule


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to SAVI®

23 & 24 November 2017


260with Early Bird (until 16.09.2017)
  • Price after September 16th: 340 €
  • 2 days – intensive workshop to learn the nuts and bolts of SAVI®
  • Event materials
  • Coffee and tea on the house

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Introduction to SAVI®
& SAVI® in Meetings

23, 24 & 25 November 2017


340with Early Bird (until 16.09.2017)
  • Price after September 16th: 480 €
  • First pack's benefits
  • One day dedicated to appling SAVI® (in the context of personal and professional meetings)
  • Coffee and tea on the house

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